Pipeline& manhole coatings        

Our manhole rehabilitation crews are trained to effectively and efficiently restore your manholes back to like new condition. Our state of the art equipment and advanced repair materials will restore your manholes designed service life for up to 50 more years.

concrete-polishing,sealing & Coatings

From factory floors and commercial flooring to school science labs, we can give your industrial or commercial floors the best interior concrete floor coatings, sealing and polishing that you need for your particular application with speed and ease. Whether it’s an interior floor of a workshop garage that has to bear industrial-grade machinery or an exterior floor that needs to endure frequent foot traffic, your floors will be able to withstand everything while keeping up its amazing appearance.

Polyurethane foam grout

We have  formulated and produced a full line of polyurethane foam grouts to address a host of issues related to inflow & infiltration and sub-grade erosion caused by leaks, cracks, offset joints and voids in our aging infrastructure.

From quick-setting, dual component foam grouts to address high-flow leaks to deep penetrating single component migration foams to stabilize surrounding soils and lower volume leaks, we have a grout solution for you.