Parking garage & cosmetic waterproof Coatings        

The safety and structure of your commercial or industrial floors can be compromised without the proper waterproof coating. But in case you are wondering why your concrete  floor needs to be waterproof, the answer is simple: floors are exposed to a lot of things, many of which may already be causing damage, such as broken water pipes causing the floor to get saturated and drip liquids to the level below. Our waterproof coating for concrete roofs and floors make them strong enough to endure fluids of any kind. 

concrete-polishing,sealing & Coatings

From factory floors and commercial flooring to school science labs, we can give your industrial or commercial floors the best interior concrete floor coatings, sealing and polishing that you need for your particular application with speed and ease. Whether it’s an interior floor of a workshop garage that has to bear industrial-grade machinery or an exterior floor that needs to endure frequent foot traffic, your floors will be able to withstand everything while keeping up its amazing appearance.