Commercial and Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings as Per Your Needs

Ready to get some concrete floor coatings installed in your commercial or industrial space with us? Once you are, simply get in touch with us! We can begin with the designing and installation of customized industrial or commercial concrete coatings solutions that fulfill your requirements.
Our professionals are prepared to assist you with the best-in-class options for concrete floor coating, sealing, and polishing available at present. You will be able to recognize the benefits of choosing Urbane and Company the moment you lay eyes on our completed projects. That’s because we are a team of experts in commercial and industrial concrete coatings who are capable of catering to all your specifications.

Choose Our Versatile Industrial Concrete Coatings and Flooring Services!

Urbane and Company has an extensive range of versatile products with performance characteristics to withstand the most extreme industrial environments and demands. These installations are suitable for application in different thicknesses based on service needs, including thin mil and heavy-duty trowelled systems. Our industrial concrete coatings and related services also include:
Industrial Kitchen Flooring
There are multiple important elements considered when it comes to delivering excellent commercial kitchen flooring:
  • Durability: Ability to endure constant foot traffic
  • Hygiene: Easy to clean, slip resistance, and good drainage
  • Heat resistance: Ability to withstand harsh conditions
  • Composition: Made from non-toxic materials
We always make sure to provide a solution that covers all these aspects. After all, the kitchen is one of the most important places to maintain hygiene and high standards; it deserves the highest possible standard of commercial concrete floor sealing and polishing. Our clients require the superior quality of coating to ensure a long-lasting and resilient floor that’s protective yet very convenient to clean and maintain. Additionally, your flooring surface needs to have a non-slip solution because the kitchen is filled with heavy footfall and the last thing you want is for people to be slipping and sliding everywhere while carrying around food. Industrial floor coating, apart from being slip-resistant, also has to be resistant to fungus, stench, and mold. This will enable it to keep the kitchen running flawlessly throughout the active and busy workday. We can help you select an industrial kitchen flooring style that’s perfect for you.
Nonslip Industrial Flooring
It’s important to ensure that your warehouses and industrial floors are cleanable and resilient against damages. Regardless of what industry you're in, you need to make sure that every one of your visitors, customers, and workers are protected from falls and slips. That implies you need to choose industrial flooring that is suits the working conditions. You need industrial flooring that is easy to clean and offers a non-slip surface, something that can be achieved with our commercial concrete polishing. Our workers will take out the time to provide you with an anti-slip profile that is both tough and simple to maintain.
Industrial Style Flooring
Industrial style flooring brings a sense of professionalism. However, implementing such designs require exceptional coating as well as aesthetics. We make industrial coatings that hybrid splendidly to give the industrial look and usefulness to private and commercial establishments. We fabricate industrial coatings that are perfectly capable of giving the commercial look and usability to all sorts of installations.

Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings and Polishing Services

At Urbane & Company, we offer a spectacular variety of floor finishes tailored to your business requirements and budget. We also provide commercial concrete floor coatings for diverse industries that include the following -
Retail Stores: Ensure a great first impression with a splendid and long-standing floor finish.
Salons: Get the ideal coating and polishing that matches your decor and offers the functions you need.
Showrooms: Our concrete floor coatings are robust enough to deal with heavy vehicles.
Hospitals/Medical Centers: Make sure that all your patients get a healthy environment with our moisture and fungus-resistant floor coatings.
Restaurant/Kitchen: We offer non-slip floor coatings to provide an environment that is hygienic and durable.
Schools and Universities: Get easy to clean, long-lasting and a high-performance floor coating system to keep the premises safe for students.

Commercial roof coatings

When the seasons change, you change with them — from your clothing and routines to your home and car. Is it time for a jacket or coat? Do you need a shovel or a snowblower? Are all-season tires best, or should you invest in snow tires? When it comes to weather, the same care you take with your personal investments should apply to your commercial roofing system as well.

Commercial Roof Coatings: What to Consider

Whether you’re building a new property, opening a new business, or restoring the roof of a commercial property, you’ll need to consider the roof’s existing condition, climate and other variables before choosing the best coating for your roof application. These factors — especially weather — will determine the type of coating needed to repair or restore your commercial roof. A building in a dry, hot environment with a lot of sun exposure may require a different roof coating than a building in a location with cold, snowy winters.

Seasonal Changes & Weather Extremes

Seasons and temperature are a telling indicator of the damage your roof system might sustain, and that informs the type of coating your roof will need. Considering how the seasons change in your region and the types of weather extremes your roof will face is essential for choosing the right commercial roof coating. Sun exposure, rainfall and snowfall all play a part in the potential for roof damage, and the proper roof coating will minimize this damage.

For example, our SEBS rubber roof coating systems are ENERGY STAR-rated for their high solar reflectance. This type of coating would be a good choice for a roof in Texas because it will regulate the temperature of the air inside the building while protecting the roof from the radiating heat.

Condition of the Existing Roof

Before you choose a commercial roof coating, you first need to consider the condition of your roof and what purpose the new coating will serve. Do you need to repair a specific problem in your existing roof, such as rusting, leaks, or alligatoring? Are you adding a coating to a brand-new roofing system with no damage? Your answers will help determine the type of coating to use on your roof. Our team can assist you with selecting the best coating for your roof if you have questions.

Type of Commercial Roof System

Considering the materials your roof is made of, as well as its size and slope, are important when choosing a restorative and protective coating. These factors determine the types of damage that may occur on your roof. For instance, a metal roof will often develop leaks from expansion and contraction or corrosion from years of exposure to the elements, while a spray polyurethane foam roof will quickly deteriorate from sun exposure if not protected. Based on the type and condition of your roofing system, you will want to find a coating that offers the benefits and protection that your specific roof needs.

Quality Roof Coatings Solutions

Contact the experienced team at Urbane & Company  if you need assistance with your selection.  We’ll make honest recommendations that fit your individual needs and application based on our 20 years in the business of coatings.