With multiple coating applications, Pick the coating that’s Best for You!

Water penetration is rather unavoidable, be it a foundation constituted by cement, fieldstone or concrete. Sooner or later, your roof and floor are bound to be attacked by it, causing dampness, molding or even flooding. A solution that involves waterproof coating for concrete roof and floor is necessary as a result. This solution differs based on the targeted area but it usually has one, all or a blend of various components.
Waterproof Coating for Concrete  & Deck Areas
Our specialized deck coating offers hard-wearing resistance and protection that’s weatherproof and can easily be applied. This compatibility makes it ideal for new build projects as well as refurbishment projects.  The waterproof coating for concrete roof, for instance, provides an entirely seamless wall or barrier and is perfect to be used in drastic climatic conditions. That’s because it is capable of reflecting sunlight and endure a large temperature range without getting damaged. Our services can also be used for the waterproofing of podium decks, green roofs, parking decks and other different kinds of deck areas.    
Waterproof Coating for Concrete Floors
Too many times, people have shifted their businesses into a new building only to realize too late that their dry storage room is anything but dry-and insufficient floor treatment was to blame. We can only hope you haven’t encountered such a situation! 
Do not allow unpredictable situations or liquids of any kind wreak havoc on your flooring and whatever’s downstairs due to water damage. With Urbane and Company’s waterproof coating for concrete floors and decks, you can easily avoid awful and expensive experiences of such kinds.
Beneficial for Every Industry


At Urbane and Company, our waterproof coating systems can be used for a wide range of facilities and purposes. We provide leakproof solutions that suit several high-efficiency floors and roofs. This means you gain the benefit of resistance to slipping, corrosion or chemical damage you expect from us along with a beautiful finish the way you choose and any additional special qualities you may require. And all of this will be effectively shielded by a highly effective system of waterproof coating for concrete roof and/or floor. It’s truly impressive.